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Trends that are increasing the demand for sustainable solutions

大趋势like urbanisation and demographic shifts, digitalisation and climate change are strong drivers behind AFRY’s current and future business. All sectors and industries that we operate in are greatly influenced by these trends and we are well positioned to take a leading role in the current transition and have a strong emphasis on growth and value creation.

Urbanisation and demographic shifts

Today, more than half of the world’s population live in urban areas, a share that is expected to increase to nearly 70 percent by 2050. At the same time, cities represent 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Urbanisation and demographic shifts lead to new challenges in urban areas and drive the demand for sustainable solutions. AFRY support clients in search of efficient and sustainable infrastructure, innovative solutions for buildings, resource management and technical advancements within health science to better quality of life.


数字化是我们为推动向可持续社会转变的最强大和最普遍的力量之一。数字技术是装饰,智能制造,互联车辆,智能和节能建筑以及智能移动性的关键先决条件。Afry通过提供高价值,特定于行业的软件产品和数字服务来支持客户。为此,已经建立了一个新的部门Afry X,可以在工业物联网,工业AI,网络安全,服务设计和SaaS解决方案中获得数字服务能力的很大一部分。





We accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society

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