The Supplement Conspiracy 7 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

Power Back to the People!In 2004, Myspace reached critical mass. The site became so successful that it ignited a storm of other social sites. Today these social sites are growing at an exponential rate and have changed the face of the Internet…forever. Good news gets spread at a rapid pace, so does bad news! In […]

The Supplement Conspiracy 6 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

Fitness Mags + Supp Companies = BFF! As Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock Would Say “It Takes Two…”. If you are too young to get the 90’s reference consider yourself fortunate! Fitness Magazines Used to Give Out “Unbiased” Info I had a subscription to Ironman Magazine from 1988 until 1991. It was a pretty […]

The Supplement Conspiracy 5 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book The Supplement Conspiracy

“Does my butt look too big?” If you thought the “gaining muscle” market was big then wait until you see how many supplements they have for fat loss. Fat loss is a HUGE market for the supplement industry! Think about it. Almost everyone you know wouldn’t mind being a little leaner. So, the weight loss […]

The Supplement Conspiracy 4 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

The Story of “Mongo Lloyd” So Mongo Lloyd outlined his workout routine, what he ate, and most importantly the supplements he took. He did photo shoots and interviews for all the big fitness magazines. Mongo Lloyd looked massive and had tons of teenage guys aiming for that look. Not only was he massive, the guy […]

Here's to a healthier and happier new year – Mango, Cucumber, Zucchini salad with zesty Desi dressing

A very happy new year and hers is wishing all my readers a year of healthy eating.  It’s the time of year to evaluate our old habits and to nudge those bad habits aside and cultivate new and better ones. In theory this might last for a week, a month and if it truly becomes […]

Spicy Picante Pepper Dosa Waffle

Spicy Picante Pepper Dosa Waffle I am a foodie, I love food and everything related to it. I love to cook and entertain and I am sucker for farmers markets and unique spices & ingredients.  To me cooking is a perfect combination of arts and science and a perfect playground for creativity. I find it […]

Lettuce Wraps with Peppers spicy and everyones favorite at home

Lettuce Wraps with Peppers  One you make a choice to eat healthy and make it a life style change it’s hard to eat food that’s mono colored. Healthy eating to me means having fresh, organic as much as possible, and multitude of colors on your plate and preferably in their original recognizable shape . I […]

Sweet Cherry Tomato, Watercress & Shallots Salad – Ode To Summer

Sweet Cherry Tomato, Watercress & Shallots Salad – Ode To Summer Summer is gone, I can feel the change of season. The chill in the air, falling of leaves, shorter days are all tell tell sign of the change. This Summer was relaxing, fun, and most importantly spent time with my parents. There is no […]