The Supplement Conspiracy 7 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

Power Back to the People!In 2004, Myspace reached critical mass. The site became so successful that it ignited a storm of other social sites. Today these social sites are growing at an exponential rate and have changed the face of the Internet…forever.

Good news gets spread at a rapid pace, so does bad news! In the past, when you received bad service or a crappy product, you were mad and maybe would tell 1-2 friends about it. Today, you can reach thousands and even hundreds of thousands with the push of a button. Do you have a Facebook Page?As of this time, Facebook has 175 million users and each user has an average of 120 friends.If you really wanted to you could probably spread news to over 100,000+ people within hours. It would be hard to track, but we are so connected it is certainly possible.Even Google is beginning to take notice of user generated content on these sites, so news gets spread quickly and becomes permanent! Good Ole’ adverting just isn’t working as well as it used to Slick advertising is becoming less and less effective.

Why listen to a company talk about their product, when you can ask a friend? If you were researching a supplement, ads aren’t going to give you real info. People have a voice online and that is good news for you and me. The good companies will thrive and the bad ones will wither away.

The Supplement Conspiracy 6 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

Fitness Mags + Supp Companies = BFF!

As Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock Would Say “It Takes Two…”. If you are too young to get the 90’s reference consider yourself fortunate!

Fitness Magazines Used to Give Out “Unbiased” Info I had a subscription to Ironman Magazine from 1988 until 1991. It was a pretty solid place to get training advice. They outlined workouts that produced results without using steroids. There were helpful articles in that magazine that didn’t mention a supplement at all. In the early 90’s, magazines began having more ads than content When fitness magazines were at their peak, they cashed out in a big way. Instead of having ads and articles separate…they combined them as one.

These ads became 3-4 pages and were disguised as articles at first. The line between ads and articles were blurred.

In addition to that, many of these magazine and supplement companies formed one larger conglomerate. The money was flowing in like clockwork.

These mega-companies continued to flourish in the “Internet Age” In the first 10-12 years of the Internet’s existence, companies with deep pockets still held the power to influence the masses. It was smooth sailing for these guys until 2004…

The Supplement Conspiracy 7 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

The Supplement Conspiracy 5 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book The Supplement Conspiracy

“Does my butt look too big?” If you thought the “gaining muscle” market was big then wait until you see how many supplements they have for fat loss.

Fat loss is a HUGE market for the supplement industry! Think about it. Almost everyone you know wouldn’t mind being a little leaner. So, the weight loss and fat loss market includes everyone. Eating fewer calories each day? It can’t be that simple! While the main way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories each day then what you burn, people don’t want to hear that. They have a “feeling” that there is a quick fix that they haven’t heard about.

The Supplement Companies have marketing down to a science. Make no mistake about it, supplement companies have amazing marketers and copywriters on their side. They are trying to make money like everyone else, so of course this makes sense. Unfortunately, many supplement companies use tactics that are a little “grey” in my opinion.

• Claiming a supplement creates “steroid like” results

• A pill that burns 6X the fat compared to diet & exercise alone

• Citing company sponsored studies as “real research” But Misleading Advertising Alone isn’t a “Conspiracy” The Definition of Conspiracy: A secret agreement between two or more parties to perform an unlawful or unethical act.

The Supplement Conspiracy 6 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

The Supplement Conspiracy 4 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

The Story of “Mongo Lloyd”

So Mongo Lloyd outlined his workout routine, what he ate, and most importantly the supplements he took. He did photo shoots and interviews for all the big fitness magazines.

Mongo Lloyd looked massive and had tons of teenage guys aiming for that look. Not only was he massive, the guy was ripped! Sure he worked hard in the gym, but the difference between him and regular guys in the gym were all those fancy supplements he took.

…but he always forgot to mention his “best” supplements. You see, Mongo Lloyd had a special batch of supplements that worked better than anything he talked about in the magazines.

He didn’t mention them for this reason…

As a 25 year old man, it was apparent to Mongo’s doctor that Mongo needed a bit of “hormone therapy”.

[Note the sarcasm above. This is an example of a serious “steroid hookup”.]

Mongo and others like him were the start of something bigger… I like to call the bodybuilding magazine era of the 80’s and early 90’s the start of the big Supplement Conspiracy. It started with young men trying to get big, but then slowly targeted every demographic.

The Supplement Conspiracy 5 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book The Supplement Conspiracy

Supplement Suckers Unite!

I was a big-time sucker when it came to buying supplements, especially when I first began working out.

Maybe you can relate to my story…

I grew up in the 80’s and reached my teenage years just as Arnold Schwarzenegger became popular. I turned 14 when The Terminator (1984) came out.

I wanted to get as big as Arnold… As Fast As Possible! That is when I found out about Protein. I read in the fitness magazines that all the Probodybuilders got big by taking protein.

NOT just any protein!

These guys got this big, by taking protein powder that had magical ingredients not found in food.

Obviously these guys didn’t take steroids.

They were 265 pounds of pure natural health. Why else would they be in a Health and Fitness magazine!

Of course you couldn’t get Really Big, without Amino Acids! When Mongo Lloyd packed on 40 pounds in a year, he obviously took a lot of protein powder (a given fact in the 80’s). His real “secret” was amino acids!

The Supplement Conspiracy 4 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book