The Supplement Conspiracy 7 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

Power Back to the People!In 2004, Myspace reached critical mass. The site became so successful that it ignited a storm of other social sites. Today these social sites are growing at an exponential rate and have changed the face of the Internet…forever.

Good news gets spread at a rapid pace, so does bad news! In the past, when you received bad service or a crappy product, you were mad and maybe would tell 1-2 friends about it. Today, you can reach thousands and even hundreds of thousands with the push of a button. Do you have a Facebook Page?As of this time, Facebook has 175 million users and each user has an average of 120 friends.If you really wanted to you could probably spread news to over 100,000+ people within hours. It would be hard to track, but we are so connected it is certainly possible.Even Google is beginning to take notice of user generated content on these sites, so news gets spread quickly and becomes permanent! Good Ole’ adverting just isn’t working as well as it used to Slick advertising is becoming less and less effective.

Why listen to a company talk about their product, when you can ask a friend? If you were researching a supplement, ads aren’t going to give you real info. People have a voice online and that is good news for you and me. The good companies will thrive and the bad ones will wither away.

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