The Supplement Conspiracy 5 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book The Supplement Conspiracy

“Does my butt look too big?” If you thought the “gaining muscle” market was big then wait until you see how many supplements they have for fat loss.

Fat loss is a HUGE market for the supplement industry! Think about it. Almost everyone you know wouldn’t mind being a little leaner. So, the weight loss and fat loss market includes everyone. Eating fewer calories each day? It can’t be that simple! While the main way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories each day then what you burn, people don’t want to hear that. They have a “feeling” that there is a quick fix that they haven’t heard about.

The Supplement Companies have marketing down to a science. Make no mistake about it, supplement companies have amazing marketers and copywriters on their side. They are trying to make money like everyone else, so of course this makes sense. Unfortunately, many supplement companies use tactics that are a little “grey” in my opinion.

• Claiming a supplement creates “steroid like” results

• A pill that burns 6X the fat compared to diet & exercise alone

• Citing company sponsored studies as “real research” But Misleading Advertising Alone isn’t a “Conspiracy” The Definition of Conspiracy: A secret agreement between two or more parties to perform an unlawful or unethical act.

The Supplement Conspiracy 6 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

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