The Supplement Conspiracy 4 Rusty Moore – Fitness Black Book

The Story of “Mongo Lloyd”

So Mongo Lloyd outlined his workout routine, what he ate, and most importantly the supplements he took. He did photo shoots and interviews for all the big fitness magazines.

Mongo Lloyd looked massive and had tons of teenage guys aiming for that look. Not only was he massive, the guy was ripped! Sure he worked hard in the gym, but the difference between him and regular guys in the gym were all those fancy supplements he took.

…but he always forgot to mention his “best” supplements. You see, Mongo Lloyd had a special batch of supplements that worked better than anything he talked about in the magazines.

He didn’t mention them for this reason…

As a 25 year old man, it was apparent to Mongo’s doctor that Mongo needed a bit of “hormone therapy”.

[Note the sarcasm above. This is an example of a serious “steroid hookup”.]

Mongo and others like him were the start of something bigger… I like to call the bodybuilding magazine era of the 80’s and early 90’s the start of the big Supplement Conspiracy. It started with young men trying to get big, but then slowly targeted every demographic.

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